Patriot Support Program

A Commitment to Our Armed Forces

The Behavioral Health Division of Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) provides a wide variety of programs and services to TRICARE members and their beneficiaries, participating in the provider networks of all three TRICARE Regions. As early as 2007, UHS behavioral facilities recognized the expanding needs of TRICARE, our active duty military in all branches and the Veterans Healthcare Administration (VHA).

As our troops returned from service in combat zones, the established resources to address mental health and chemical dependency became strained. The military and the VHA began to expand their scope of services to include more civilian resources.

UHS created the Patriot Support Program to address the specific behavioral health needs of active duty military personnel. Patriot Support Programs are dedicated "Centers of Excellence" that have been established in existing UHS behavioral health facilities. Every program has been designed in collaboration with the staff and resources of the Military Installations it serves.

Program Features

All Patriot Support Programs have dedicated staff, psychiatrists and physicians. The programming and associated schedules were designed exclusively for the Military. Staff members work collaboratively with base personnel to achieve the treatment goals established by Military Command. Each program has a dedicated Military Liaison appointed to ensure appropriate and consistent communication.

Patriot Support Programs provide specialized features to accommodate the Military infrastructure, such as:

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